The different standing fans for sale at!

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The different standing fans for sale at!

With the summer of 2022 approaching, we notice that the demand for fans is also starting to come back. Fortunately, is the right place for that!

With the warm weather, nothing is better than a fresh breeze blowing through the office or your bedroom. The fans of TechPunt not only ensure that you have a cool summer, but also provide you with the necessary convenience! Xiaomi's fans are remotely controllable through the app, have different settings and work incredibly quietly. The built-in battery also gives you the unique ability to take the fan with you throughout the house!


What advantages do the Xiaomi fans offer?

We offer different Xiaomi Standing Fans, each with different features. Depending on these features, you can pick the most suitable one that will provide you with your needs!

What are the advantages of the Xiaomi fans?

  • Almost all Standing Fans from Xiaomi run on an internal battery, so you won't have the inconvenience of cords in your living room, office or bedroom.               

Nothing more annoying when you have finally bought a fan for the hot weather, but when you place it, you again have just no outlet available! Fortunately, all Standing Fans from Xiaomi, with the exception of the Mi Standing Fan 2 Lite, have an internal battery! This allows you to place the fan anywhere in your home, in any place you want.

  • An important feature of Xiaomi fans is the low noise level. This really sets the Xiaomi fans apart from the competition!       

Especially when the fan is in the bedroom or office, the buzzing sound is an irritating side effect. Fortunately, they have thought of this at Xiaomi and thanks to the low noise level of the fan, you can continue working or sleeping peacefully! For example, the Mi Standing Fan 3 has a noise level of only 28.6 decibels and the Standing Fan Pro only 26.6 decibels. This gives less noise than whispering in a library!

  • To provide you with extra luxury, you can control the fans with the app.

The Xiaomi Standing Fans are all controllable through the Xiaomi Mi Home App, so you don't have to get off the couch every time to turn the fan on, change the setting or turn it off. Fortunately, this is all in the past thanks to the easy operation via the app! You can also link the fans to other home automation devices, to have them run automatically when the temperature gets too high in the house, for example.


What different standing fans do we offer?

As mentioned, we offer different models with different features. This can sometimes make it difficult to make a choice. Here we help you!

First of all, we offer the Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 Lite, the entry-level model. In terms of size and price it is the smallest, despite having 7 blades and a dynamic calibrating silent motor of only 26.6 decibels. The only drawback to this model is that it does not have an internal battery, but must be connected via the power cord.

The second model, the Mi Smart Standing Fan Pro, is the most powerful model in this series. It can produce wind gusts of up to 14 meters. In addition, this fan is very flexible and the Standing Fan Pro features 4 rotation angles, 100 wind speeds, an internal battery and can also tilt 90 degrees vertically!

The SmartMi Standing Fan 2S can also be used wirelessly, a huge advantage! Thanks to the rotation angle of 30 to 120 degrees and the four different wind levels, you cool all parts of the room equally. The sleek design also ensures that you can place this fan in any home or office!

The top model of the Xiaomi fans is the SmartMi Standing Fan 3. It is equipped with a DC brushed motor, 7 blades, four differently adjustable rotation angles and above all with an ultra low noise level of 28.6 decibels! This in combination with the internal battery ensures that the Standing Fan 3 is perfect for any interior. With no less than 34 reviews with an average of 9.9, this is also the best rated fan on our website!

Below we have listed the main differences per model:

Featured: The Xiaomi SmartMi Standing Fan 3

Given the many reviews on the SmartMi Standing Fan 3, it is not only us who noticed that this Standing Fan is the top model of the SmartMi series. PCMag's review clearly describes all the conveniences the Standing Fan 3 has to offer. PCMAG praises the low noise level of 28.6 decibels, the weight of only 3.5 kg, the many different modes and the fact that the Standing Fan 3 is wireless! The Standing Fan 3 is therefore summarized in this review as a fan with a high ease of use for a low price!

Order your Standing Fan today!

Would you like to experience the convenience that the Xiaomi Standing Fans have to offer? Then take a look at the following page and order the one that suits you best! We at offer all models of Xiaomi fans at the lowest price guaranteed in the Netherlands and Belgium!



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