Everything You Need to Know About the Kingsmith WalkingPad!

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Everything You Need to Know About the Kingsmith WalkingPad!

Comfortable exercise at home with KingSmith treadmills and running tracks


Home sports are increasingly important!

Of course, we all want to stay fit, but with a busy life you don't always have the opportunity to go to the gym. Before working hours, during lunch or just after: exercising at home is gaining popularity. That is why TechPunt has been a distributor of KingSmith WalkingPad, a high-quality supplier of treadmills and fitness equipment, for 2 years now!

KingSmith WalkingPad

The WalkingPad brand was founded in 2015 by two former students at the University of Science and Technology in China. Now, nine years later, they have taken the home sports market by storm with the WalkingPad. The WalkingPad walking and running belts are compact, space-saving and affordable. Ideal if you have little time during the day or if you don't own an extra room for a fixed treadmill.


Treadmill or treadmill? Here's the difference

At first glance, treadmills and running belts are very similar and often serve the same purpose: exercise. But when you zoom in, there are quite a few differences. For instance, the difference in size is obvious: the treadmill is a lot smaller, shorter and thinner compared to the running belt. In addition, the treadmill has a higher speed range, the possibility of an incline and makes more noise.



All the benefits of KingSmith's running and walking belts at a glance

  • Compact in storage: easily foldable after use.
  • Safety: with no traffic and smooth or unpaved road surfaces, you can walk or run undisturbed.
  • Convenient operation: via included screen, remote control or KS Fit app.
  • Convenient training schedules: via the KS Fit app, you keep track of all your data and train via your personal training programme.
  • A godsend for sensitive joints: the impact of a treadmill's surface is less than on a normal surface.
  • Affordable: with a treadmill from KingSmith, you will own a high-quality belt for an affordable amount.


KingSmith WalkingPad treadmills

WalkingPad A1 Pro

Work out easily at home anywhere? It's possible with the WalkingPad A1 Pro! This treadmill is equipped with an LED screen where you can see the time, speed, distance, calories and steps. The speed is adjustable from 0.6 to 6 kilometres per hour and you control the A1 Pro via the included remote control or via your smartphone. This handsome treadmill, in black and made of aluminium, has even won a German IF Design Award and a Red Dot award! You can also use the training app to follow different workouts that best suit your goals.

For reviews of the A1 Pro treadmill, visit:


WalkingPad C2

Bad weather or don't feel like leaving your house? With the C2, you get your exercise inside too! After folding, this treadmill takes up only 0.5 m2. Ideal for anyone with limited space. The speed is adjustable from 0.6 to 6 kilometres per hour. The LED display lets you view speed, time, distance, calories and steps. You can also use the training app to follow different workouts that best suit your goals.

Reading reviews of the C2 treadmill? You can find them here:


The difference between the A1 Pro and the C2

The difference from the A1 Pro? The C2 is slightly narrower and feels a bit thinner, but is a lot cheaper. So the A1 Pro is higher in price, but has a higher maximum load (for heavier people) and higher power.

Running tracks from KingSmith WalkingPad

WalkingPad R1 Pro

Do you prefer running at home or without peeping eyes? It's possible with the R1 Pro. This KingSmith WalkingPad treadmill is very compact and easy to store. Thanks to the castors, you can also move it from one room to another without any effort. You use the maximum walking speed of 6 km/h or up to 10 km/h for running. You operate the R1 Pro via a sensor-controlled controller that automatically adjusts the walking pace, or via remote control or smartphone. You can also use the training app to follow different workouts that best suit your goals.

Reviews of the R1 Pro:


WalkingPad R2

Good or bad weather: with the R2, your workout will always go on! This running belt has a speed of between 0.5 and 12 km/h and is only 16.1 cm high when folded, making it easy to slide under your bed or sofa. When unfolded, the R2 is a whopping 120 cm long and 61 cm wide. This gives you a real walking, jogging or running experience. Operate it via the remote control or the KS Fit app. On the app, you easily record all statistics. Furthermore, the R2 features 'Smart Foot-Sensing Control': this system registers where you are walking and adjusts the pace accordingly. You can also use the training app to follow different workouts that best suit your goals.

Reviews of the R2:


The difference between the R1 Pro and the R2

The R2 has a brighter screen and features a non-slip design next to the pedal, which helps with braking. Furthermore, the R2 has steel handrails, instead of the aluminium on the R1, has a larger storage box in the handrail and the overall design looks a bit more premium.


WalkingPad X21

Extremely limited space? Make it easy on yourself with the X21. This is the world's first treadmill with Double-fold technology. This allows you to fold the treadmill in two parts and put it back upright when you need to. The X21 also features a handy smartphone holder. You set the speed between 1-12 km/h and share data directly with your smartphone via the LED display with NFC connectivity and built-in sensors in the armrest. You can later find this data in the KS Fit app.

Reviews of the X21 treadmill:


KingSmith WalkingPad with a ramp

WalkingPad K15

With the WalkingPad K15, you get a premium running belt. This belt has a unique composite board, adjusts to a speed of up to 15 km/h and an incline of up to 4%. Despite its huge power output of 918 watts, the tyre stays under 60 decibels, which will make your neighbours happy. Suitable for people up to 110 kilos, the tyre is a whopping 120 cm long and 48 cm wide. The K15 features NFC support and connects you to your mobile with which you can set different workout programmes. The bright LED screen shows your speed, distance, step count and calories burned. The KS Fit app then records all the data and helps you get closer to your goals step by step.


Prefer to lie down? Use the KingSmith Rowing Machine!

Smart Foldable Rowing Machine

Looking for a real-life rowing experience at home? Get the KingSmith collapsible rowing machine at home! This rowing machine operates via simulation according to the resistance of real water. To top it off, this machine provides supportive, meditative sounds to train your mental health as you row. The rowing machine is suitable for any height thanks to its adjustable foot bar. After use, you fold the machine back up in three operations and it takes up only 0.36 m2. Via the transport wheels, you also easily move the machine anywhere. The KS Fit app keeps track of all statistics: speed, distance, training time, rowing movements and calories burned. All these statistics are also displayed on the LCD screen and, via an analysis in the KS Fit app, you even receive personalised training sessions. For a complete workout, you can even combine these analyses with data from KingSmith's running and walking belts.

Want to know how good this rowing machine is? Read the reviews at:



Want to get even more out of your workouts? Then check out one of these matching accessories.

KingSmith WalkingPad Standing Desk

Working hard and staying healthy at the same time? It is possible with KingSmith's Standing desk. With this desk, you can work sitting or standing, or go one step further and combine it with the WalkingPad A1 Pro or WalkingPad C2. You easily adjust the Standing desk to your perfect height via one of the four standard set heights.

KingSmith Handrail for Xiaomi WalkingPad A1 Pro treadmill

The A1 pro handrail is a treadmill handrail for extra support while walking on the A1 pro or C2. Storage is easy: you fold the handrail in the same shape as treadmill.

KingSmith WalkingPad Silicone oil

To keep your KingSmith WalkingPad's belt running smoothly, it is smart to apply silicone oil every two to three months. Fold up the treadmill and apply the oil in the centre behind the mat. This will reduce wear and prolong the life of the device.

KingSmith WalkingPad Non-Slip Mat

A treadmill sometimes creates quite a bit of noise, not only for yourself but also for your neighbours. The non-slip mat absorbs noise and provides more grip. It also protects the floor and extends the life of your running or walking belt.


Also useful during working hours

The great advantage of running and walking belts is their use at home. You no longer have to leave your home. Have an important (phone) appointment or need to attend a webinar or online presentation? You can do it all from the belt! You can even go one step further with a standing desk at the front of the belt, allowing you to keep working while you are walking. This way, you keep moving during working hours without having to leave the house. Now that's efficient working!


Order your Xiaomi KingSmith WalkingPad products at TechPunt! Ordered on weekdays before 8pm = delivered the next working day.


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