Take a look at the dashcams from 70Mai!

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Take a look at the dashcams from 70Mai!

Why choose a 70Mai Dashcam?

When it comes to capturing your car rides, 70mai dashcams are among the best on the market. With their advanced features and reliable performance, they offer a range of dashcams to meet the specific requirements of different drivers. In this article, we will introduce the most popular 70Mai dashcams and help you choose the ideal dashcam.

70Mai 1S

The 70mai 1S is the entry-level model from 70mai! It is a reliable and user-friendly dashcam with a very competitive price. It features a Wi-Fi connection which makes accessing recordings via your smartphone very easy. The dashcam uses loop recording and has a parking mode for added security. With good image quality, wide viewing angle and convenient features, this dashcam is an excellent choice. 

70mai A400

The 70mai A400 is perfect for those looking for a reliable and affordable dashcam. This model has a number of improvements over the 70Mai 1S. For example, with its 1080p resolution and 145° viewing angle, it is one step ahead of the entry-level model. In addition, this dashcam has a built-in Wi-Fi function, a parking mode, a 2.0-inch display and it is possible to connect a rear-view camera.

70mai A500s

With the 70mai A500, we arrive at one of 70Mai's high-end options anyway. For example, this dashcam has a built-in GPS, a higher resolution of 1944p as well as an ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) function. In short, an excellent choice! Yet you get all these extra features for a relatively low price!

70mai A800s

For those striving for ultimate video quality, the 70mai A800s dashcam is the right option. This dashcam records in stunning 4K resolution, providing unparalleled clarity and sharpness. With its wide 140° viewing angle, ADAS capabilities and larger display, it guarantees a comprehensive driving experience. This model's stunning specifications make it 70Mai's flagship model! 

70mai A810 4K 

The Xiaomi 70mai A810 4K dashcam provides razor-sharp images in 4K UHD that enhance the safety of any road trip. The unmatched clear display fulfilled by the 8 megapixel Sony IMX678 sensor captures 4 times as many pixels as Full-HD resolution. This dashcam is the successor and improved version of 70Mai's old flagship model, namely the A800s!

70mai Omni

Then we have now arrived at the dashcam that is by far the most unique, which is the 70mai Dash Cam Omni. This dashcam, thanks to its 360° angle of view, instantly secures your entire car! This 360° feature is very special, as 70Mai is one of the first to market a dahscam with this feature. In addition, this dashcam has several smart features, such as hazard recognition, built-in memory and voice control.  

Below we have a clear overview of the most popular 70Mai dashcams and their various functions!

Not sure yet if a dashcam is for you? Below we have listed the benefits of a dashcam:

  1. Evidence in accidents:
    One of the main advantages of a dashcam is that it can provide evidence in case of a traffic accident. The camera continuously records what is happening around your car, giving you evidence in the event of an accident. This can be invaluable in determining fault and settling insurance claims.

  2. Protection against vandalism and theft:
    A dashcam can also act as a deterrent against vandalism and theft. Having a dashcam visible in your car can discourage potential offenders because they know their actions are being recorded. Also, the footage from a dashcam can potentially be valuable evidence to help identify an offender.

  3. Preventing insurance fraud:
    In many fraud cases, drivers intentionally cause an accident (often with a more expensive car) in order to blame the other party. A dashcam makes it a lot harder for these fraudsters because there is evidence of how the situation went down. So with a dashcam, you can prove that things did not go as claimed, which can save a lot of money.

  4. Capturing special events:
    A dashcam can also be useful for capturing special events on the road. Think for example of beautiful landscapes, unusual traffic situations, wild animals or funny occurrences. This can lead to interesting videos or memories that you can share with friends and family.

  5. Improve driving habits:
    Having a dashcam encourages you to drive more consciously because you know your actions are being recorded. This can lead to an improvement in your driving behavior, such as respecting traffic rules, avoiding aggressive driving and maintaining a safe driving style. As a result, you will be a lot safer in traffic. 


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