Xiaomi 70mai launches world's first 360° dashcam!

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Xiaomi 70mai launches world's first 360° dashcam!

Today the 70Mai Dash Cam Omni is being launched in Europe!

We at TechPunt are proud to say that we can be the first to sell it in the Netherlands. We also do this with our lowest price guarantee, so don't miss out!

Besides the fact that the 70Mai Dash Cam Omni has a list of great specifications just like other modern dashcams, it has a number of special features.

First, the dashcam has a special look with a rotating top that ensures it has a 360° field of view. As a result, one dashcam ensures that your entire car is secured! The lower part of the dashcam has a 1.2-inch IPS screen and a number of buttons making it easy to operate. However, this is not the only way to operate the 70Mai Dash Cam Omni.

In fact, this smart dashcam can be operated with both the 70Mai app and an advanced smart voice control. With the 70Mai app, it is possible to review images and personalize your settings. With the voice control, it is possible to tell the dashcam to film a certain side or make a video in case of emergency. There are also a number of commands that even allow you to create a short vlog or a selfie!

One last special feature of the 70Mai Dash Cam Omni are the additional features that become available when connected to a hardwire kit. We have two different hardwire kits for the Dash Cam Omni in our assortment that will make your dashcam even more convenient and smart. 

For example, we have the 70mai Hardwire Kit UP03. This kit provides 24-hour parking monitoring in which the dashcam's motion detection can recognize hazards. Thus, the camera is triggered to record a clip when there is suspicious activity around your parked car. Also, this hardwire kit allows your dashcam to automatically switch between parking surveillance and normal recording as well as enabling time-lapse footage.

Especially for the launch of the 70Mai Dash Cam Omni, there is now also the 70Mai 4G Hardwire Kit UP04 (to be launched later). This hardwire kit brings with it the same features as the aforementioned kit, but it adds some more. For example, this kit allows you to watch what is happening around your car in real time. Also, the parking monitoring system can alert you via the 70Mai App in case of a suspicious event or collision. Another handy feature is "find my car," which makes it possible to see exactly where your car is via the 70Mai app. This is obviously super convenient for in a big city or parking garage! Thanks to 4G connectivity, it doesn't matter where you are, these functions can always be used.

Are you interested in this brand new 70Mai dashcam? Then order it here!

Are you unsure if a dashcam is for you? Below we have listed the benefits of a (70Mai) dashcam!

- Evidence in an accident: A dashcam can provide crucial evidence in an accident. It can help determine who was at fault and provide evidence of what happened, which can be useful for insurance claims or legal proceedings.

- Protection against insurance fraud: Unfortunately, insurance fraud is common. Dashcams can protect you from fraudulent claims by providing evidence of what actually happened.

- Preventing theft: Dashcams can act as a deterrent against theft and vandalism. Some models have a parking mode that can record suspicious activity around your car while it is parked.

- Recording your road trips: If you enjoy traveling or taking impromptu drives, a dashcam can capture the beautiful routes you take and the memories you make.

- Monitoring your driving: Some dashcams have ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and offer features such as lane departure warnings and forward collision warnings that can help you avoid dangerous situations. 

Overall, a dashcam can provide more security, safety and protection for road users.


  1. Azreen Azreen

    For the evidence in an accident, how will Omni help since it is only a front camera? Also, i was trying to get images recorded with Omni that can show a clear plate number if accidents happen in front but couldn't find any. pls advise. tq

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