Looking for an electric heater? We will tell you all about it!

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Looking for an electric heater? We will tell you all about it!

With rising gas prices, inflation ánd King Winter just around the corner, we're all looking for ways to make life a little more bearable and most importantly, more economical. After insulating your home, you soon come to heating. Do you continue with gas, or do you look for alternatives? An electric heater from the Xiaomi brand is one of those alternatives. We explain to you how electric heaters work and what they offer you.

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The advantages of an electric heater from Xiaomi:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cheap to buy
  • Low purchase cost
  • Fast heating
  • Safer than gas
  • Remote controlled

Want to know more about the advantages? We explain them in detail below.

What is an electric heater?

An electric heater is a device that converts electricity into heat. Through a heating element, an electric heater converts electricity into heat. When we talk about an electric heater, we are often talking about the portable heater that functions as supplemental heating. You can divide electric heating into two types: convection heating and radiant heating.

In convection heating, the heater transfers heat to the air, creating air currents that spread evenly throughout the room. This allows you to heat the entire house at once, however, it costs a lot of gas and takes a long time.

With radiant heating, heat is given off to objects in the room. Therefore, with an electric heater you heat a room quickly and inexpensively. If, for example, you generate your own electricity through solar panels, electric heating is a cheap and sustainable option. Especially with a view to the future, when every home will be off gas.

How does an electric heater work?

An electric heater is easily connected via the wall socket. The heater works immediately. You use it as additional heating or as main heating. Note that to heat an entire house, you need several electric heaters.

The benefits of an electric heater

As mentioned earlier, an electric heater brings a lot of advantages. Below we have once again clearly explained them.

More environmentally friendly than gas

Electricity can be generated using renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind and geothermal energy. These sources never run out and have no bad impact on the environment. Burning gas, on the other hand, does contribute to CO2 emissions and is also finite. That means one day we will run out of gas. Electricity generated from renewable sources is therefore a lot more sustainable than gas. Especially when you generate the power for your electric stove yourself with solar panels.

Cheaper to run than gas

An eco-friendly electric heater is cheaper in consumption than a gas heater. Just look at Xiaomi's SmartMi Heater 1s, which is a lot lower in consumption than a normal gas heater. Because electric heaters are lightweight, you can take them with you when you move rooms. As a result, you can heat your whole house with a few electric heaters.

We did the math:

Xiaomi's SmartMi Heater 1s uses a total of 9kWh on one full 10-hour day in its eco-friendly 900-watt mode. 1 kWh costs an average of 0.58 euros (price level August 2022). This works out to 9X0.58 = 5.22 euros.

An average home in winter has a gas consumption of 10 m3 per day. With the current price of 2.6 euros per m3 (August 2022), you will spend 26 euros per day. That makes the SmartMi Heater 1s exactly 5 times cheaper. With the proviso that the SmartMi Heater 1s heats as much space as gas heating.

Low purchase cost

The purchase price of a gas heater is higher than an electric heater. This is because with gas, you pay not only for the stove itself, but also for the connection fee. This is not the case with an electric stove because it is very easy to connect. All you have to do is plug it in and turn the stove on, and the heat flies into the room. So this saves a lot in money, time and maintenance. By the way, you have to wonder if gas is still worth the investment, with prices rising and the government's plans to get rid of gas by 2050.

Rapid heating

An electric heater distributes heat within a few minutes. With gas, this takes 15 minutes to half an hour. Moreover, you use the electric heater wherever you want. If you leave for another room, you take the stove with you. As mentioned earlier, taking an electric stove with you is very easy because they are generally lightweight.

Safer than gas

An electric stove is safe to use, for example, unlike a gas stove, you are not at risk of CO poisoning, which we also call carbon monoxide poisoning. Also, the failure of one electric stove does not lead to a major problem because each electric stove operates independently.

Remote controlled

Xiaomi brand electric heaters can all be controlled via your smartphone, namely through the Xiaomi Mi Home App. This is very convenient for an electric heater and can prevent a lot of power consumption! For example, you can turn on your electric heater on the way home in advance, so you come home to a warm room. This means you don't have to leave the heater on in your house all the time, but only five minutes before it is needed.

No support for Russia

Much of our gas comes from Russia. By not using gas but heating your home via an electric heater, you are indirectly stopping your support of Russia in the war.

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The electric heaters from Techpunt

Enough about the benefits. We're out of that: an electric heater is a more than wise choice. But which one do you need? We figured it out for you.

Xiaomi Smartmi Heater 1S

With its elegant and unique design and a powerful output of 2200W, you will heat the air in any room within minutes. In a room of 15 square meters, the Heater 1S even raises the temperature to 13.4 degrees in 1 hour. You don't have to worry about losing space: the Heater 1S takes up only 50 cm2 and is easily and quickly installed. Would you rather think a bit more about the environment? Then use the environmentally friendly 900W setting. Operation is easy via remote control or the Xiaomi Mi Home App.

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Xiaomi Smartmi Fan Heater

Thanks to its 2000W motor, this eco-friendly heater heats any room with a range of 16 to 28 degrees. You easily integrate the Fan Heater into the Xiaomi Mi Home App. Control is also via the remote control, with which, for example, you control the rotation function of the Fan Heater. Set on your peace and quiet? With only 35.5 decibels, it is barely audible. Compared to many other electric heaters, this Fan Heater has a very unique design. In fact, it is a standing heater, which means it takes up less space and also looks very modern.

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Mi Smart Space Heater S

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Smart Space Heater S mobile electric heater heats any small as well as large room quickly and efficiently. Thanks to its output of 2200 watts, the heater effortlessly heats rooms of different sizes to the desired temperature. At only 5.7 kg, this Space Heater S is also easy to move. On top of that, thanks to the Xiaomi Mi Home App compatibility, you control the Space Heater S anytime, anywhere, ensuring a warmed up home as soon as you get home.

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Smart Tower Heater Lite

This heating tower with 2000W output and 70° wide-angle ventilation heats in 3 seconds, has a constant temperature and low noise level. So the smart temperature control always keeps the temperature between 22-28°C. Controlling is easy: via voice commands or the Xiaomi Smart Home app. This is the app you also use to manage other Xiaomi products.

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Have you decided yet?

If you're looking for an affordable, durable heater, a heater from Xiaomi is the right choice. They're cheap to buy, the output is high and they can be conveniently integrated via Smart Home, which many other heaters lack.

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Techpunt has a wide range of electric heaters. Suitable for any room in the house, whether you are heating the bedroom, living room, study, hallway or shed. Thanks to our years of experience with Xiaomi products, we are ready with advice on the best electric heaters for any room.

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