Get your Christmas gifts now at TechPunt!

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Get your Christmas gifts now at TechPunt!

The TechPunt Small Boxes are                          The TechPunt Gadget Box is an                           These packages consist of
packages with nice gadgets.                               extensive low-budget package!                       luxury gadgets with a theme.
All packages in this category                              All packages in this category                            All packages in this category



These packages consist of                                 These packages consist of                                This is the most comprehensive category
of high quality and luxury gift products.          high quality products and gadgets.                and consists of well filled packages.
All the packages in this category                      All the packages in this category                      All the packages in this category


Get your Christmas gifts now at TechPunt!

Christmas is coming again and therefore this is the perfect time to TechPunt to buy your Christmas hampers for your staff. We at TechPunt have made a selection of six different price categories, each consisting of three Christmas hampers. All these packages are packed with functional and fun gadgets of the Xiaomi brand!


We hear you think: why a Christmas gift of Xiaomi?

The Christmas hampers that we offer are not the standard hampers that you are used to; full of unbranded products that you are not going to use anyway. With these high quality and functional products, you are giving something that will really be used by your staff. Together with the low price that we charge, these are the reasons that Xiaomi products are the ideal Christmas gift, that will also last a long time!

Besides the fact that our Christmas hampers are very unique, you can give them an extra touch by having them printed with a company logo or text. Our products are printed with high-quality UV printing, which makes it possible to print small texts and logos with razor-sharp clarity.

Moreover, we also offer you the possibility to complement the Christmas gifts with a Christmas arrangement of snacks and drinks. With this addition, you create a middle ground between a traditional Christmas hamper and the Christmas gifts full of innovative products from Xiaomi! Please contact us by e-mail for the possibilities.


<I>"As a company, we have done business with TechPunt. The service and handling of the entire order process is very good. When in the future we need items that can be purchased through TechPunt we will certainly do business again."</I>

Rijcken Group from Huissen, the Netherlands

We are happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with fast and personalised advice at the following e-mail address:
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