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Xiaomi SmartMi Xiaomi Smartmi Rainforest Humidifier
Xiaomi Smartmi Rainforest Humidifier €149,95

Xiaomi Smartmi Rainforest Humidifier

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Xiaomi Smartmi Rainforest Humidifier

When the humidity in your home, office or any other living space is permanently too low, the Xiaomi Smartmi Rainforest Humidifier provides more humidity. Thus, people, animals and even your wooden floor enjoy a better climate. This smart humidifier and cleaner in one sucks in ambient air and sprays it filtered and humidified back into the room. The Smartmi Rainforest Humidifier provides natural and pure water evaporation, without fogging!

Raindrop Evaporation Technology

The advanced Raindrop Enhanced Evaporation system stimulates the natural evaporation process of rain that provides natural and pure, fog-free humidification. It works as follows: under centrifugal force, a large number of small water droplets flow in layers, the droplets touch the shell, forming the diffusion area. At the same time, airflow flows through the diffusion area, achieving the enhanced evaporative humidification effect. The built-in polymer filter removes bacteria, allergens and other impurities from the water to keep the air clean.

To visually enhance the effect, you can see visible raindrops. The result is a unique humidifier with a beautifully designed dome that reminds you of the rainforest. With a little imagination, you dream away to a rainy landscape. The audio effect has also been thought of: isolated from outside noise, the rain sounds like white noise, with a maximum sound level of 50 dB.

Extra large water tank

With a capacity of 3 liters, the humidifier emits 200 milliliters per hour for 15 hours nonstop. This means you don't have to add water often, saving a lot of time and effort. Filling is also easy: you don't have to remove the water tank, but can add water directly on top of the dome water shower's LED screen. Operating and monitoring is done via the touch display: here you choose from one of three modes and see information about the selected mode, Wi-Fi status, humidity level and the amount of water in the tank.

If you choose the automatic mode, the humidification efficiency automatically adjusts to the room status, for comfortable humidity tailored to your needs. In sleep mode, the unit makes even less noise to give you an undisturbed night.  Is there a water shortage or tipping hazard? Then the Smartmi Rainforest Humidifier automatically turns itself off. Handy with pets and young children.

Control via apps and voice control

You control the Xiaomi Smartmi Rainforest Humidifier via voice control or with a connection via Smartmi Link, Apple Homekit, Google Home or Amazon Alexa apps. This turns the device on or off, selects a mode and views information about the humidifier's status.

    • Natural and pure, mist-free humidification
    • Raindrop enhanced evaporation technology
    • Deep cleaning via polymer filter
    • Extra large water tank: up to 15 hours 200 ml/h
    • Control via LED screen and app

Order the Xiaomi Smartmi Rainforest Humidifier directly online! Ordered before 8 p.m. on weekdays = delivered the next business day.

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Xiaomi SmartMi Xiaomi Smartmi Rainforest Humidifier
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