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Xiaomi Roborock Xiaomi Roborock S7 Max Ultra
Xiaomi Roborock S7 Max Ultra €919,95

Xiaomi Roborock S7 Max Ultra

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Xiaomi Roborock S7 Max Ultra

The Roborock S7 Max Ultra is for the people who like to spend their time on the important things in life instead of vacuuming. The S7 has it all, it mops and it vacuums your home autonomously without you having to do anything. The robot vacuum thinks with you in terms of your power consumption and devises the best routes through your home to clean and keep everything clean.

The best of the best

The S7 Max Ultra is the most comprehensive robot vacuum cleaner on the market, you not only get the vacuum, but also an extensive self-legend station. The vacuum cleaner is available in two colors: black and white so it always fits neatly into your interior without standing out.

The vacuum is autonomous and you don't really have to worry about it: the charging station also serves as a place where it dumps its waste and can discharge the used mopping water. The S7 dries and cleans the mop itself, it also empties itself automatically and refills its water without you having to do anything or be there. 

The vacuum recharges itself during the cheapest hours of the day, so you always have a charged vacuum cleaner and don't pay top dollar for it. It also charges 30% faster than its predecessor and competitors. And when charged, its 5200 mAh battery allows it to clean for as much as three hours continuously. 

Clean cleaner cleanest

The S7 has a suction power of 5500 Pa which means not even a speck of dust or hair is left behind and you are guaranteed a really clean floor. The powerful rotating brush takes all the dust, pet hair and other coarse dirt. The vacuum nozzle is tiltable so it gets everywhere and leaves nothing behind while vacuuming. 

The mop is top notch thanks to the VibraRise® Sonic Vibration Technology. This vibrates the mop to loosen and take away stains and other dirt. With as much as 600 grams of force, the mop presses against the floor to clean everything and leave it shiny again. The S7 Max Ultra sees when it encounters a carpet and adjusts the height of the mop accordingly so as not to get the carpet wet.

Smart route planner

The S7 uses the best technology to get a good view of your home, for example, its ToF sensor allows it to easily avoid all obstacles in your home and allows it to do its job undisturbed. It also knows exactly where it can and cannot go and thus determines the best route without bumping into anything or falling down the stairs.

With the LiDAR sensors, it can create a precise route which makes it clean your home faster and better. So you don't have to move anything and you can focus on the more important things in life!  The Roborock S7 Max easily gets over thresholds up to 2 inches high and with its limited height of 96mm, it can also clean under furniture. It also remembers which floor it is on and creates the most efficient cleaning route for each location in your home. 

Everything at your fingertips

The Roborock app is perhaps the best on the market and lets you see all the maps it has made of the house. You set scheduled cleaning programs, virtual walls and exclusion zones. You can activate different modes, for example, it can have your carpets cleaned an extra time during its cleaning route for best results. Also, the S7 can clean your wood floors with the grain, keeping your floors nice and clean even longer. And if you don't have your phone handy, you can also control it with your voice. A clean home has never been easier!

    • 5500 Pa suction power
    • Lidar sensors for optimal routes
    • Smart technology for preserving wood floors
    • Extra deep carpet cleaning
    • Set and customize everything in the app

Order the Xiaomi Roborock S7 Max Ultra directly online! Ordered before 8 p.m. on weekdays = delivered the next business day.

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