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Xiaomi 70Mai Xiaomi 70mai 4G Hardwire Kit UP04
Xiaomi 70mai 4G Hardwire Kit UP04 €49,95

Xiaomi 70mai 4G Hardwire Kit UP04

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Xiaomi 70mai 4G Hardwire Kit UP04

Have you fitted your car with a 70mai Dash Cam Omni X200 or 70mai A810 or are you planning to install it soon? Then of course you want this handy little camera to be able to record at all times. However, the battery of 70mai Dashcam is not unlimited, but fortunately, there is a solution to avoid downtime. With this Hardwire Kit, you can connect your dashcam directly to your car's battery through the fuse box. 

This allows the system to continue filming even if your car is parked somewhere. With the UP04 your Omni & A810 dashcam have 24/7 parking surveillance! That's such a safe feeling, especially if you're in a busy city or parking for a break on your way to your vacation spot. With this Hardwire Kit, you even get access to Find Your Car, Remote Control and notifications. 

Reliable and practical 

Compatible with all 70mai Omni and 70mai A810 cameras, the 70mai 4G Hardwire Kit UP04 Power Supply Adapter provides a reliable and stable power supply to your own dashcam. You can hide the cables nicely, eliminating the need for a charger in the cigarette lighter. 

The UP04 even connects you to the Internet via a 4G Nano SIM card (add it yourself). With this unique option, you can even remotely view images from the 70mai camera! This can be done both when the car is driving or stationary. You can also remotely control the Omni and A810, so you have full 360-degree view in the app. The images are up-loaded to the Cloud so you can watch them back later. You also enable notifications in the app for when something happens to the car. For example, if someone crashes into your car, you will be notified immediately on your phone!

With the Find Your Car mode, you can easily find your parked car via the built-in GPS. The application even shows you a route on how best to get back to your car. Ideal for large parking lots or if you've lent your car to someone! In the latter case, you can also always keep track of the car in the app, so you are always aware of where the car is. 

The adapter comes with 3 meters of cabling with ACC, VCC+ and GND wiring for the car and can be connected to the dashcam via a Type C connector. By the way, you don't have to worry about your car battery suddenly running out, because the UP04 closely monitors the remaining voltage and shuts itself off if the battery gets too low. For small cars, it keeps a minimum of 11.6 V remaining on the car battery and for trucks, the limit is 23.2 V. This way, you can be sure that enough power is retained in your battery to start your car. 

    • Stable and reliable power supply for 70mai Omni and A810
    • Turns on parking mode
    • See car location anywhere
    • Remote viewing with the 70mai Dashcam
    • Features protection against draining your car battery

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10,0 / 10
10,0 / 10
Erdintch 24 May 2023

I'm glad I found this kit for 70mai X200 in Europe at a reasonable price.

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