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Xiaomi Roborock Xiaomi Roborock S8
Xiaomi Roborock S8 €499,95 €549,95

Xiaomi Roborock S8

€549,95 €499,95
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Xiaomi Roborock S8

Thanks to the Roborock S8's updated DuoRoller Brush, dust, hair and other debris don't stand a chance. This vacuum takes cleaning to the highest level with even more cleaning power than its predecessor. With doubled Hyperforce suction of 6000 Pa, this powerhouse of a robot vacuum cleaner picks up even the smallest particles. The Roborock S8 easily removes all dirty particles from hardwood, tile, carpet and rugs. 

VibraRise mopping system

Besides cleaning, the S8's VibraRise mopping system makes your floor shine. This vibration technology scrubs your floor not hundreds, but thousands of times per minute. To be precise: 3,000 per minute. Together with the constant high pressure of 6N, the S8 removes dried stains up to 30% more effectively than traditional robot vacuums and also leaves less dirt than rotary mops.

Got a carpet? No problem. The intelligent lifting system detects carpet and automatically lifts the mop. Pure convenience. Roborock has improved the S8's vacuuming qualities on carpets by as much as 30%, so it picks up all the dirt there, too. The two innovative DuoRoller brushes rotate against each other to suck up all particles. This technique also prevents hair tangles, perfect if you have pets that shed a lot!

Reactive 3D obstacle avoidance

The S8 is smart enough to stay out of trouble. With 3D textured light and infrared technology, the Reactive 3D Obstacle Avoidance System helps the vacuum identify and avoid potential hazards on the floor, both in bright and dark spaces. The payoff: a worry-free cleaning experience.

Loose shoes or a phone charger lying on the floor? No problem, the S8 recognizes the object and skillfully navigates around it. The PreciSense LiDAR Navigation system analyzes the environment and finds the most optimal route through your home.

Mapping system: for ideal navigation

Does your house have several floors? Multi-level mapping automatically recognizes all levels. You don't need any additional docks or apps for this. With the 3D map, you can even virtually recreate your own home including the locations of your furniture, giving you the most detailed floor plan for the best possible cleaning.

With the No-Go Zones, you make sure the Roborock S8 doesn't go places it shouldn't. Ready to clean? With customized cleaning routines, you control the time the vacuum makes its rounds. With its large 5200mAh battery, the S8 can vacuum and mop for up to 130 minutes before returning to the charging dock. 

Control via Roborock app

You control the S8 via the Roborock app. Here you choose from 4 levels of suction power, 3 levels of mopping intensity and the desired route. You also select whether the robot should mop, vacuum or both and which rooms it should target. You can even set the settings per room, for example if you want to mop and vacuum one room and only mop the other. You will also find the route, progress and battery level. The Roborock S8 also integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. 

    • Suction power: 6,000 Pa
    • Improved DuoRoller brush
    • VibraRise mopping system
    • Reactive 3D obstacle avoidance
    • Battery: 5,200 mAh

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