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Xiaomi Joyami Xiaomi Joyami Air Fryer 7.6 Liter
Xiaomi Joyami Air Fryer 7.6 Liter €99,95

Xiaomi Joyami Air Fryer 7.6 Liter

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Xiaomi Joyami Air Fryer 7.6 Liter

The air fryer has become an indispensable kitchen tool for preparing delicious, crispy snacks without the drawbacks of the old-fashioned deep fryer. Besides your bitterballs and your fries, the Xiaomi Joyami Air Fryer 7.6L also allows you to quickly and easily make healthy and tasty dishes for your whole family, what more could you want!


The Xiaomi Joyami Air Fryer does not like half-measures. This XXL Airfryer is designed with two separate baskets with a hefty capacity of 3.8 liters per basket. This way you prepare 2 different dishes in 2 different ways, one basket grilling, the other air frying. No more 'frying one after the other', as you used to do with your traditional fryer with only one basket.

And that's not all, the airfryer has Sync-Finish technology. With this feature, you program the baskets at different times and settings so that they are automatically ready at the same time. How easy do you want it to be? That way you'll have more time for your family.

To the table!

Speaking of your family, the airfryer has a total capacity of almost 8 liters thanks to the two baskets! It also has 6 easy presets (fries, chicken, fruit, cake, fish and vegetables) and a timer that ensure perfect preparation from crispy fries to tender chicken wings.

And then we're not done yet, because thanks to the 360-degree air circulation and the 1800-watt capacity, your meal will also be prepared faster than in a traditional oven, saving you about 30% of your time anyway. So you can prepare a complete, healthy and tasty meal for your whole family almost in the blink of an eye!

Fast, clean, safe

The Xiaomi Joyami Air Fryer 7.6L is easy to use because of the pre-programmed settings, but if you want to prepare your own recipes in it, you can easily set the type of preparation, temperature and time via the clear touch screen.

The baskets and plates are easy to remove and thus clean and can simply be put in the dishwasher. In addition, they have a non-stick coating and are BPA-free. Also, the airfryer is designed to automatically shut off when a basket is removed. Safety above all, then, for you and your family.


Finally, an airfryer is also a great way to get your kids involved in cooking. For example, let them make their own fries or help prepare a healthy snack. It's a fun way to spend quality time with the whole family while teaching your kids healthy habits.

    • Large capacity of 7.6 liters
    • Two separate baskets
    • Six pre-programmed dishes
    • Clear touch screen
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Turns off automatically

Order the Xiaomi Joyami Air Fryer 7.6 Liter directly online! Ordered on weekdays before 8 p.m. = delivered the next working day.

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Xiaomi Joyami Xiaomi Joyami Air Fryer 7.6 Liter
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