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Xiaomi Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor Clock
Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor Clock €24,95

Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor Clock

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Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor Clock

The temperature and humidity in your home are closely linked to your health. In fact, it is all-important for your respiratory system, body temperature, skin health and other (possible) health problems. With the Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor Pro, you can easily measure the temperature and humidity in the living room and hallway, as well as children's rooms and bedrooms. So with this, you not only protect your own health, but also that of your family members and guests!

By controlling humidity and temperature, you bring more beauty and nature back into your home. Think about the sunroom, kitchen, storage rooms and bathroom where there is plenty of space to grow plants. Proper temperature and humidity helps with the growth of these. Also good to know is that the right temperature actually inhibits the growth of possible bacteria. Also handy!

The Xiaomi Temperature and Hygrometer Clock connects to the Xiaomi Home App and shows all the data directly on your phone. You can view the levels of both temperature and humidity up to six months back in handy graphs. In addition, you can also link the device to other smart devices via smart automations. For example, turn on your air conditioning when the temperature gets too high, or let your Xiaomi Humidifier work when the humidity drops below 40 percent.

Station packed with technology

The professional Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor Clock contains chips and sensors that detect very accurately and detect all small changes! This guarantees the accuracy of the information on the display. It also includes a built-in high-precision real-time clock chip along with an advanced Swiss Sensirion sensor that displays the correct time in high resolution.

Xiaomi's Temperature and Humidity Monitor Clock counts numerous advantages! Namely, this monitor shows with a smiley face when the temperature and humidity are perfect. Even when you think otherwise, the smiley face speaks the truth! On the contrary, do you see a sad smiley? Then you know something needs to be adjusted.

But there are more advantages to the display alone. Namely, the E-Ink screen is clearly visible from different angles. The screen (3.7 inches of 88mm x 33mm) has extremely low power consumption and a battery life of about a year. The convenient adhesive and magnetic strip design allows you to place the clock on the table, refrigerator or wall.

    • Promotes health at home
    • Extremely precise sensors and chips
    • Low power consumption
    • Easy to monitor via companion app

Order the Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor Clock directly online! Ordered before 8 p.m. on weekdays = delivered the next business day.

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